Do You Print?

This is a case of do as I suggest and not as I do. How often do you print an image that you like? It may not be an archival print, but one that you can enjoy. I suspect that there are a number of images on your computer or smart phone that you truly enjoy, but why print? I can enjoy them on my screen at any time.

Photographs are a recording of history at that moment. It might be 1/250 of a second exposure or a 10 minute exposure. If images had been stored of a floppy disc or on magnetic tape, could you retrieve them? I couldn’t. That history would be lost. But I back up my photographs on a cloud; can that cloud be hacked? I don’t know, but why take a chance.

Now for some data from the Professional Photographers Assoc. (PPA) entitled Disappearing History.

24% don’t remember the last time they printed.

42% no longer print

53% haven’t printed in over a year.

70% do not have photo albums

67% don’t backup their photo files

4.5 million Smart Phones were lost or stolen in the US in 2014.

All photographers are artists and historians. When you have an image you love, print it!

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